3D Printing Face Shields Distribution - UPDATE

Posted by Randy Gray on Apr 8th 2020

A main concern was the distribution of the face shields; making sure they get into the right hands, quickly and efficiently. Well, problem solved!I have teamed up with a group of engineers at Dell, wo … read more

3D Printing - Coronavirus Relief - UPDATE

Mar 25th 2020

A quick update on our progress:I have decided to concentrate our efforts towards 3D printing face shields and sewing face masks. My latest research shows that these two items have shown the most shor … read more

3D Printing - Coronavirus Relief

Posted by Randy Gray on Mar 22nd 2020

With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, there are extreme shortages of medical supplies which could mean the difference between life and death.There is a growing number of open-sourced plans … read more

New Trigger Guard Crowdfunding

Posted by Randy Gray on Jan 25th 2020

The crowdfunding starts soon!We are introducing some new trigger guards CNC milled from 6061 aluminum.  You can order a Standard Size in raw finish or black anodized, or Oversized in raw finish o … read more

Emails from Russia

Posted by Randy Gray on Feb 28th 2019

For the past few months (at least), we have been inundated with unsolicited emails and "Contact Us" responses coming from Russia.  It is overwhelming and makes it difficult for us to respond and … read more